TRIGGER 2011 Volunteer Call Out

Posted: May 2, 2011 in TRIGGER Collective Statement

TRIGGER FESTIVAL 2011: Volunteer Call Out

TRIGGER is a 3 day survivor-centric, DIY, queer arts & performance festival.
TRIGGER brings together performers, artists, activists and facilitators to address and confront shared experiences of violence, oppression and marginalization.
By showcasing cabaret, art, music, workshops, crafts and skill sharing, TRIGGER reclaims the notion of survival through art as activism and activism as art.

TRIGGER COLLECTIVE: Toyin, Bronwyn, Nedal, Hank, Ange, Raf & Kalmplex

WHERE: Steelworkers Hall and Raging Spoon Toronto ON
WHEN: June 16th, 17th and 18th 2011

CALL OUT: Volunteers!
TRIGGER embraces a Do It Yourself ethic and relies on community involvement. TRIGGER is about participation – everyone plays a crucial role in making this event successful. We would like to invite groups and individuals to join us in shaping the festival.
TRIGGER is looking for collaboration with the following project areas:
Housing assistance for out of town travellers
Attendant Care Shifts
Active Listeners
Door Shifts

If you are interested in volunteering, please email the volunteer coordinator Toyin:
Put VOLUNTEER TRIGGER in the subject line.

As a collective with no budget we will do our best to keep admission prices as low as possible and on a sliding scale. All monies raised from fundraisers, door sales and other means go back into the cost of holding the festival, funding artists and activists to travel to Toronto, giving all artists, workshop facilitators and collective members an honorarium for their time, skills and commitment.



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