QUEER Arts Survivor-Centric Festival

A militantly unapologetic group of performers, facilitators, speakers, musicians and activists will
transform, evoke and stimulate with outrageous interactive performances and workshops focused
around community accountability and healing. TRIGGER rages with collective love and queer liberation. TRIGGER reclaims the notion of survival through art as activism and activism as art.


The Safer Spaces Statement has been written by the Trigger Collective to take a positive, proactive, preventative step towards stopping discrimination, sexual assault, sexual harassment and violence in all its forms. We are committed to creating a space that reflects the ideals of the festival – autonomous spaces that are supportive, respectful and free of harassment. As people who try to bring about change in the world, we recognize that our own personal behaviour needs to reflect this change.

Trigger is a DIY event – everyone who attends has a role in making the fest what it is. We want all people here to feel comfortable and free from any threat of violence. That means having awareness around our individual actions and words, realising the impact we can have on others and having ownership over these actions.


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