Film Festival + Workshops June 16th 5pm

Thursday Film Fest

June 16th at SteelWorkers Hall (25 Cecil Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1N1)

Doors 7.30pm $5

Workshops 5 – 7.30pm FREE

Room C 5-6pm: TRIGGERS: Build A Scene

Facilitator: Toyin Coker

Using context and collective discussion, participants are invited to define individual and community triggers, exploring theatre of the oppressed “Image Theatre”

Room B 6 – 7.30pm: Glamour deeper than the superficial

Facilitator: Dainty Smith

(for female identified women of colour)

Glamour can save your life. How we can reshape, redefine what beauty and glamour can mean to us and our lives.

3 Part Workshop ending in a perforrnance on Saturday.

Room C 6 – 7.30pm: Conflict resolution and de-escalation

Facilitator: Leelee Davis

ASL Provided

Conflict resolution for daily life and community organizing. Participants will leave with a stronger analysis of what conflict is, how it can affect us both positively & negatively, tools to de-escalate in personal & professional life, & creative solutions on how to resolve or manage conflict.

Film Festival 7.30pm $5

ASL & Closed Captioning on all films

50Faggots is the longitudinal, auto-ethnographic online documentary series educating, exploring and celebrating how individual effeminate gay men survive and thrive in today’s American queer communities. By Randall Jenson

CONFESSIONS OF THE COLOURED CAUCUS An unapologetic documentary insight into the everyday conversations dealing with a white supremacist patriarchal heternormative society. By Kalmplex

(Im)pass Worlds collide as two racialized trans men face the challenges of heteronormativity. By Jacub Fernandes

Every Ho I Know Says So is advice for sweeties of sex workers. Talking about jealousy, stigma, consensual sex, and the love that we share, the video is a testament on how to respect sex workers in our communities. By Lusty Day and Beef Jerky

Are you..? is a poetry-piece by Alexander Alvina Chamberland on survival as a femme genderqueer, solidarity and fighting back against oppression performed at a metro station in berlin. By Idios

4PLAY: SAN FRANCISCO: A transvestite sex worker faces a challenging assignment in Marin Country. As the pressure mounts, an awakening begins. By Kyle Henry

Galore 1,2,3 A stopmotion animation film exploring themes of mental health, love, friendship, vitality, and mortality. By Brescia Birdthroat Bloodbeard

Seeking Single White Male: A study of a brown body in (queer) white spaces. By Vivek Shraya

Origins, Departures: A Self Portrait Film about a queer Filipina – it is a cry out to the communities that shun us, and attribute to the words that save us. By Krystal Banzona


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