Performance Extravaganza June 17th 7pm

WORKSHOP Room C 5.30 – 7:00pm: Glamour deeper than the superficial: Dainty Smith        PART 2 Free


June 17th at SteelWorkers $10

(25 Cecil Street, Toronto, ON M5T 1N1)

Doors 6.30pm $10 (All evening pass)

(No late admission for the early show ONLY. Once doors re-open @ 8pm audience members can come and go as they please.)

Bait by D-Lishus: 7pm (1 Hour Play No ASL)

one ghetto gangstar

one invading army

one woman determined to live

would you want to be the hunted, the hunter,

or the bait?

Installation Acts 8pm $10 (Floating ASL)

(Engage or observe the TRIGGER Installation show. Floating ASL. Bar & light snacks)

Boom Bye Bye: Daniel Jelani Ellis Born out of queer oppression experienced during the artist’s adolescence, Boom Bye Bye explores elements of ritual and gesture.

SEXY?: Adriana Disman invites you to dress her in clothing you find sexy. Intent: to learn something about the relationship between sexy & gender/community/ identity. Please bring your chosen clothing to participate.

FR(AGILE) BODIES: Amber Zimmerman This is a durational performance that highlights the strength and fatigue of enacting queer desire under observation through five poses. The poses are designed to elicit comment on the support, or lack thereof, of queer bodies.

Playing the Good People Games: A How to Guide: Grey & Luka Do I know all the rules yet? In this series of short performance art works, two tricky queers suggest an irreverent look at some common process of accountability and reclaiming power.

Main Stage Acts (ASL Provided) 9.30pm

Welcome Ceremony: Alec Butler aka “WhiteWolf”, artist, 2S elder in training, created several award winning plays and films, including last year’s “trans cabaret, daddy to his dog Daisy, queer granddaddy to all who ask.”Calling on the directions” ceremony.

root shock: Ni’ Ja Whitson re-imagines Yoruba diasporic Orisa storytelling and ritual traditions, excavating the relationship between trauma and the ancestral / spiritual world. Through transdisciplinary experimentation, text informs a performance space where time serves as invocator, map, personae.

Real Talk: People’s Histories & the Importance to Preserve our Elder Stories: Toyin Coker: Funny and in depth critiques of people’s histories & the importance to preserve them. Toyin calls on observations of societal patterns & human tragic flaw; of how society has gone wrong & where we can go right.

The Lost Little Girl Show: Lostetta Pukerella & Gingham Lollygirl The vulnerable awkwardness’s of overreaching your grasp, biting off more than you could ever chew and pitching hissy fits and inhabiting the self in shambles. Being a proud mess and cheerleading for all the messes in the audience.

Pajaro:  Corrie Sakaluk & Victoria Mata is a dance piece that explores the first moments of long-awaited sensuality between two women, an explosion of permission, a wicked sense of secrecy, exquisite visceral abandon away from watchful eyes. Raw yearning, utter release, satiated basking, Pajaro celebrates liberation and release, savours sensual and emotional abandon, and honours the bravery and passion of the first time.

Cemetery Gates: Johnny Forever Interactive performance accompanied by video that explores the relationship between interior & exterior. Performing longing as it touches our queer/trans visions of mind & body.

Don’t You pay Them No Mind: ILL NANA Explores an unapologetic expression of the power of queer love through struggle, discrimination, determination, and perseverance. (Don’t You pay Them No Mind) is a story of one couple who are coming to terms with one of the partner’s beings diagnosed with HIV.

Strength I have from the inside: Kitty c/o Eastern Correctional Facility NY (respectfully presented by Bronno) The  A powerful and provocative narrative revealing the long silenced trans female voice expressing her tools of survival from within a maximum security male facility in New York state.

Rape The Faggot: jody franklin A raw multidisciplinary autobiographical ritual performance art exorcism exploring the emotional mindscape of a survivor of childhood rape & bullying.

The Black Child: Dominadella/PIE LEARN-THE MEANING of SAFE WORDS-BEFORE you decide to engage in BDSM “play” as the lives you damage are not your own.

Music by Caroline and Scout Caroline and Scout have been playing and creating music together for about 5 years. They use music as a tool to heal, empower and support one another and to have fun!

Oral Fixation, Sick Pussy & Healing From Body Shame: Alex Cafarelli Absurd, challenging, sexy spoken word accompanied by interactive ritual performance that invokes healing from body shame and involves martial arts.  Having trained since 1992, Alex honors her martial arts lineage and is humbled by the teachings.

Mikiki: has been struck by the recent series of events in our world. Inspired by struggle for liberation & disheartened by the collapsing of freedom around us locally. Mikiki uses these disparate realities as a site for meditation on resistance, resign and release.

Meet Noname: Leelee Davis An introduction to the gender bending clown-like ballerina. Immersed in the theatricality of zie’s twisted reality, Noname invites you in for a movement based experience unlike anything Leelee has yet to perform.

  1. Coman Poon says:

    Looking forward to catching Trigger Fest again this year!

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