TRIGGER Commitment to Access

(Many of these considerations have been borrowed from Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha’s writings on QTPOC radical disability considerations, such as “Fragrance Free for the POC: Why You Should Care” and Stacey Milbern aka Cripchick’s blogging on how to make your event accessible and tips for practising anti-ableism.

As an organising collective committed to access, we commit to the following:

1. To continue to do many things to increase access, we realise that there is not one solution to dismantling abelism and creating access. The solutions we adopt will not meet everyone’s needs, but continuing to increase access and develop an anti-ableist platform will benefit everyone.

2. Not using oppressive language in our literature, performances etc (such as “crazy”. “spaz” etc)

3. Working towards a fragrance free event.

4. Negotiating event space to maximise access. This may mean having furniture, demanding seating with back support, comfy chairs etc

5. Negotiating and asking about access needs from performers and attendants in advance so we can ensure participation from those interested in the festival.

6. To have a “point person” available throughout the festival to be able to negotiate concerns around the space/dynamics (if the lights are too bright, if a break is needed etc)

7. To pace workshops and performances for ASL/transcribers

8. To treat access needs as RIGHTS, not favours and to respond to new/unconsidered access needs as such.

9. To de-center whiteness from our radical disability work and prioritise the access needs/framework of Crip QTPOCs.

10. To only use festival spaces with all gender physically accessible bathrooms.

11. To have childcare available for all daytime festival events.

12. To have a team of festival volunteers providing active listening, attendant care workers, ASL/transcribing and text for all performances.

13. To only have spaces that are guide dog friendly.

14. To have ongoing check-ins around access needs throughout the festival.


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