(Full the full program descriptions and schedule, click on the links at the top.)

Thursday June 16th Film Fest & Workshops

SteelWorkers Hall (Accessible & Scent Free)

Film Fest 7.30pm $5  Workshops Free

Room C 5-6pm: TRIGGERS: Build A Scene (Toyin Coker)

Room B 6 – 7.30pm: Glamour deeper than the superficial (Dainty Smith)

(for female identified women of colour)

Room C 6 – 7.30pm: Conflict resolution and de-escalation (Leelee Davis) ASL Provided

ASL Provided for the Film Fest & Closed Captioning on all films


SteelWorkers Hall (Accessible & Scent Free)

WORKSHOP Room C 5.30 – 7:00pm: Glamour deeper than the superficial: Dainty Smith        PART 2 Free

Doors 6.30pm $10 (All evening pass)
No Late Admission. 

Bait by D-Lishus: 7pm (1 Hour Play No ASL)

Performance Extravaganza Doors 8pm ASL for the full event

Saturday Workshops June 18th 11am – 6pm

SteelWorkers Hall (Accessible, Scent Free, Childcare & Cheap food)

All Workshops are FREE. Please check the full schedule for ASL Workshops. (We are still trying to raise funds to provide ASL for all workshops.)

Saturday Party June 18th

Raging Spoon (Accessible & Scent Free)

9pm $10

Amazing performances, live music & dancing!

TRIGGER Festival is an all ages event. All evening events are licensed

June 16th, 17th and the June 18th workshop daytime event all take place at the SteelWorkers Hall 25 Cecil St Toronot ON

June 18th TRIGGER Party takes place at the Raging Spoon 761 Queen st West Toronto

Both Venues are accessible and we will have attendant care volunteers at ALL events. The venues are fairly close to each other. To get from Steelworkers to Raging Spoon go west on Cecil to Spadina go South (left) to Queen st West then go West (right). Raging Spoon is on the South side (your left)  2 streets west of Bathurst st.

TTC Information:

Fare $3 or you can purchase tokens which lower your cost to $2.50 (You must purchase 5 or 10 to get this discount).

Day Pass Information 2 adults can ride for $10 together unlimited all day ONLY Saturday & Sunday:

Family / Group

Saturday, Sunday or statutory holiday use only, from the start of service until 5:30 am the next day.

1 adult and not more than 5 children/youths 19 years of age or under;
2 adults and not more than 4 children/youths 19 years of age or under;
2 adults.

TRIGGER Fest 2011 is hosting Queeraoke…. Your local DIY talent glitter show!

June 1st Granny Boots Doors 9pm FREE

Queeraoke is a TRIGGER Fundraiser: please come, be outrageous and show
your support.
We will be selling collectively made merchandise and festival programs
will be available.

Collective: Toyin, Bronno, Nedal, Hank, Ange, Rafaela & Kalmplex
Queeraoke Hottie Host: Ahmed
Dj: Kalmplex
Venue Accessible
Gladstone Hotel: 1214 Queen Street West

xx TRIGGER rages with collective love and queer liberation. xx

TRIGGER FESTIVAL 2011: Volunteer Call Out

TRIGGER is a 3 day survivor-centric, DIY, queer arts & performance festival.
TRIGGER brings together performers, artists, activists and facilitators to address and confront shared experiences of violence, oppression and marginalization.
By showcasing cabaret, art, music, workshops, crafts and skill sharing, TRIGGER reclaims the notion of survival through art as activism and activism as art.

TRIGGER COLLECTIVE: Toyin, Bronwyn, Nedal, Hank, Ange, Raf & Kalmplex

WHERE: Steelworkers Hall and Raging Spoon Toronto ON
WHEN: June 16th, 17th and 18th 2011

CALL OUT: Volunteers!
TRIGGER embraces a Do It Yourself ethic and relies on community involvement. TRIGGER is about participation – everyone plays a crucial role in making this event successful. We would like to invite groups and individuals to join us in shaping the festival.
TRIGGER is looking for collaboration with the following project areas:
Housing assistance for out of town travellers
Attendant Care Shifts
Active Listeners
Door Shifts

If you are interested in volunteering, please email the volunteer coordinator Toyin: thehouseoftovaco@gmail.com
Put VOLUNTEER TRIGGER in the subject line.

As a collective with no budget we will do our best to keep admission prices as low as possible and on a sliding scale. All monies raised from fundraisers, door sales and other means go back into the cost of holding the festival, funding artists and activists to travel to Toronto, giving all artists, workshop facilitators and collective members an honorarium for their time, skills and commitment.


QUEER Arts Survivor-Centric Festival

Third annual TRIGGER FESTIVAL! JUNE 16th, 17th and 18th 2011 Toronto, ON

A militantly unapologetic group of QUEER performers, facilitators, speakers, musicians and activists will transform, evoke and stimulate with outrageous interactive performances and workshops focused around community accountability and healing. TRIGGER rages with collective love and queer liberation. TRIGGER reclaims the notion of survival through art as activism and activism as art.

Location Accessible & Barrier Free
June 16th, 17th & 18th Steel Workers Hall
June 18th (Evening Event) Raging Spoon

CALL OUT for performers, film/video artists and facilitators

Deadline for all Submissions: April 24th 2011
PLEASE EMAIL ALL SUBMISSIONS TO: triggercollective@gmail.com

LABEL IN SUBJECT LINE – Performer or film/video or facilitator submission. Please list if you are applying from out of Toronto or out of Province and require billeting/housing throughout the festival

TRIGGER is looking for performances, films, music, art and workshops that explore but are not limited to themes of; sexual health, mental health, sexual practices, de-colonization, survivors, anti-racist politics, homophobia, transphobia, classism, queer theory, gender, radical families, disabilities, consent…….

This year we are specifically doing a call out for submissions that have a focus around Community Accountability. How do we create strategies to address violence and harm within our communities? How do we develop sustainable strategies to address abusive behaviour that have a transformative process? How can we create community practices that encourage safety and support? How can we support others who are doing this work?

Friday June 17th & Saturday June 18th 2011 We are looking for performances from all disciplines including: theatre works, performance artists, musicians, singers, dancers, literature readings, multi-disciplinary performances, circus arts, cabaret…..performance!

Submission Guidelines:
– Briefly describe how your work aligns with the festival
– Synopsis of proposed performance piece
– Title of work
– Length of performance
– Technical needs (if you are a musician please be specific about your technical needs and setup
– Names and bios of all artists involved
– If you have any specific requests/accessibility needs as a performer or as a group please specify

Workshop/Facilitation: Saturday June 18th 2011

Submission Guidelines:
– Briefly describe how your work aligns with the festival
– Bio and Names of all presenters involved in the workshop
– Succinct outline of proposed workshop/panel/presentation
– Title of workshop and summary (length, style, desired outcome) including how the submission is pertinent to this festival
– Accessibility needs


Screening: Thursday 16th June 2011

Submission Guidelines: Video, film and media
– Briefly describe how your work aligns with the festival
– Bio of filmmakers and creators involved in the project
– Synopsis
– Title
– Formats: MOV, AVI, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MKV, WMV – including DVD.
– Exact length
– Please ensure your submission has closed captioning. If your submission does not have closed captioning and you would like to submit please let us know when you will be able to add closed captioning to your piece.

Mail Submission to:

#3, 1254 Dundas st W, Toronto ON M6J 1X5

If you are unable to send a hard copy feel free to email us and we can find a way to accommodate. (i.e upload it to megavideo, vimeo or youtube)

Deadline for Submissions: April 24th 2011: triggercollective@gmail.com